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List of best shampoo for oily hair

1-J. F. Lazartigue Micro-Pearl Shampoo For Oily Hair  Price: $36.00 at 
2- Desert Essence Shampoo, Lemon For Oily Hair  Price: $6.64 at
3- Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo for Normal to Oily Hair  Price: $3.49 at
4- Dr. Hauschka Shampoo with Nasturtium and Lemon Price: $19.95 at
5-  Leonor Greyl Lait Lavant Banana  Price: $31.00 at

How it had come suddenly, no idea, but my hair became more fat faster. Normally I had to wash my hair to go against fatness only twice a week but lately it was so fast fat that I could wash it. Almost every day What was going on? It struck me that I via Formspring increasingly was asked for a solution to oily hair. In itself makes sense, because in hot and humid weather you have here faster chance. And a while ago it was here in the Netherlands natural high summer! Other things that can affect are: hormones, stress, accumulation of hair styling products, genes (! Thanks mom & dad) and a dry scalp.

shampoo for oily hair

Problem 1: your shampoo is nourishing
I looked at the shampoo I used: Dove Nourishing Oil Care for dry, rough and frizzy hair. Actually, only my ends dry, with the rest of my hair is nothing wrong. Chances are that it is therefore simply nourishing shampoo for my hair causing faster oily hair roots arise. There are many nourishing (hair conditioning agents) ingredients in this shampoo, such as glycerin, dimethiconol (= a silicone type), Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, almond oil and coconut oil. When you fast fat her subject you get shampoo than just a little research. Contains also yours and silicone oils? The higher these ingredients in the list are, the more it is in the shampoo, which may indicate that simply nourishing shampoo for your hair.

oily shampoo for hair

Problem 2: special shampoo for oily hair does not work
I think almost every hair care brand have a special line has released 'for oily hair. What I often hear is that these shampoos work briefly, but then seem to be 'developed'. The hairs are back fat as fast as before. Shampoos for oily hair differ in reality not so much with other shampoos.So I think the 'I Love Juicy' shampoo from Lush delicious (also smells so good), but despite that on the packaging that is specifically for oily hair, I do not think my hair is less likely to be fat.

oily shampoo

Solution 1: anti-dandruff shampoo
Exactly how it is put together, I can not find it, but it works. I have read many reviews on the Internet for people with greasy hair in a blow of their headaches were freed after they were washed with anti-dandruff shampoo their hair. So I too. I bought the Head & Shoulders Citrus Fresh shampoo specifically for oily hair. My hair is "normal" again and after 5 days fat. It's crazy, because in this shampoo are hair conditioning agents as Dimethiconol and Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride. Here are no oils like the Dove shampoo, but dandruff ingredients such as Zinc Carbonate and Zinc Pyrithione.

Often oily hair with dandruff, because the oil on your scalp serves as a food source for the fungus Malassezia (the cause of dandruff). People with naturally oily hair why risk rose faster development. Well, oily hair leads to dandruff, and dandruff leads to oily hair? So when you wash your locks will be less fat? With anti-dandruff shampoo No idea if it also works the other way theoretically, but in practice this is so. And I can recommend the Head & Shoulders shampoo for oily hair "Citrus Fresh 'wholeheartedly.

Solution 2: salicylic
Anti-dandruff shampoo naturally has a few drawbacks. Thus, it is often too aggressive for sensitive scalp, leaving just more dryness and sheets may arise. It will fade hair dye (a flush, but also permanent) faster your hair. If you have a sensitive scalp or dyed hair, I can imagine that you prefer not to use anti-dandruff shampoo. Salicylic acid is a common ingredient in oily (acne) skin, so why can not use this on your oily scalp

There are special shampoos containing salicylic acid, but as far as I know, only in America for sale (note: Selsun Blue and Neutrogena). I thought that you simply can use to wash your hair. Roots naturally mild foaming face wash with salicylic acid It does nothing extra for your hair and can even be a bit drying, so I would just wash your hair roots and the rest of your hair (especially your ends) with another shampoo. Take care of your hair extra points with a hair mask. PS. If you can wash your face with it somewhere it can never be harmful to your hair, so do not worry. 

Solution 3: home, garden and kitchen remedies
There are some people who swear by washing with baking powder (= sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda) mixed with lemon juice. There are also people who have their roots, before they wash their hair just get spray with lemon juice. And still others wash their hair once a week with Dreft detergent (that green with lemon scent). I have not tested this, but if you are desperate then it is always worth a try I guess. Not bathed ...

Other tips

  • Use conditioner and hair masks alone in your points and your 'long section' (the section from the base of your neck down) and never on your hair roots.
  • Brush not too often. Remove the tangles out and ready!
  • Try not to sit with your hands often. To your hair It helps when you stuck wearing your hair in a ponytail or bun fun, for example.
  • Try something to cut down hair styling products. Especially wax, gel and small species accelerate the process. Use your products to more volume you get her? Try the Big & Volume dry shampoo from Batiste.
  • When your hair fast fat is anyway always handy to have a small bottle always dry shampoo to have with you. Thus, there are also mini versions of the Batiste dry shampoos!

If you make sure you will not accidentally smear it into your hairline. Your day care When you pin a pony it first back and let him fall over again until your forehead when the cream vanishes.

I hope you have some of my tips and now understand why your hair faster fat. I know how difficult it can sometimes be, especially so let me know if you have tried these tips and what worked for you and what does not. And do you own any additional tips, feel free to share them in the comments.


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